Understanding the Real Value of Properties

Understanding the Real Value of Properties

Posted by Brad Speniel | May 22, 2015 at 12:46 pm



At Canada’s Best Mortgage, we strongly believe in keeping you well informed. With that in mind, we are constantly reading and researching to find the best articles and information available to provide to you. We recently read Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s “Understanding the Real Value of Properties” and are excited to share this valuable resource.

What you will learn

In this article, investor and realtor Michael Dominguez outlines the essential methods for homebuyers to calculate and assess the value of a property. While, as a home buyer, you of course can and should rely on your professional realtor to assist you in determining property values, knowing where these numbers can from will make the process much easier to understand and digest.

You will read about:

• The comparison method – How similar properties determine value
• Value based on revenue – Understanding the capitalization (or CAP) rate
• Why the figures matter

Click here to read ‘Understanding Real Value of Properties’ to be informed, educated and prepared when you buy or sell your home.


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