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Why pay $100,000 or more in interest when you don't have to! Watch this short video to learn how to save that money so that you can use it for the important things in life: family, college funds, vacations.

"I went from paying my mortgage in 27 years to paying it off in 5. In fact, right now, I am on track to pay it off even faster than that!" - Monica

Check out this Pre-Paid course for all of my customers and you'll immediately learn:

  • - How to save anywhere from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands in interest.
  • - How to pay off your mortgage without needing to change your mortgage or refinance.
  • - How to power down your current interest rate on any loan or mortgage.
  • - How to reduce debt in any area of your life (credit cards, school loads... any debt!)

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Your questions, answered:

1. Why can't I do this myself without the program?

Answer: The shocking Stats are over 97% of people that know all they have to do is make extra payments don't systematically pay extra on their mortgage. 
We're dealing with human behaviour and in order to help people we have to understand human behaviour. Telling people all you have to do is make extra payments is like telling anyone that's been struggling with weight all their life to eat less and exercise more. You're telling them something they already know all too well. 
The reason places like Jenny Craig does so well is because they understand human behaviour and then develop systems that works for their clients. Systems designed with human behaviour in mind are what will produce results rather than just telling people eat less and exercise more. 
The same is true when it comes to taking control of personal finances. Systems are what work for people and the SmartEquity program is specially designed to eliminate debt in the shortest time possible keeping in mind human behaviour. 

2. Do I have to have a Home Equity line of credit (HELOC) or any line of credit to make this work (LOC)?

Answer: No you don't need to have a HELOC or LOC to make this program work. The system works with checking or savings accounts as well. 

3. Why would I use a LOC that has a higher interest rate than my mortgage?

Answer:The system is an interest cancellation system so depending on the individual's case it could lower the effective rate of interest from 15% down to less than 2%. 

4. How would I know if this program will work for me?

Answer:In many cases clients we help start out with a negative cash flow, and get into a positive cash flow position by simply reorganising their current situation. However, for the program to work most efficiently you need to have a positive cash flow in other words you would need to be making a little more income then you have in expenses. 
The next thing you can do to see if the program will work for you is request a free Personalize Financial Analysis. 

5. Will the program work for me if I have no equity in my home?

Answer:Yes as long as you have a positive cash flow the system will work to help you build the equity in your home in the shortest time possible. If you request a free Personal Financial Analysis you'll be able to see just how fast this can be done in your particular case. 

6. Will this program work for me if I don't have a mortgage?

Answer:Yes, we have many clients that use the program to eliminate credit card and other debt. Using the program will show you how to lower the effective rate of interest for mortgages and consumer debts. Many of these clients used the program to improve their credit, build up their savings and put themselves in a great position to qualify for a mortgage and put down a substantial deposit towards the mortgage. 

7. Will someone help me get setup with the program?

Answer: Yes we have trained certified customer care persons to help you setup your account, answer your questions and provide ongoing support. 

8. What support will I get to help me keep on track with my plan and ensure I reach my goal of financial independence?

Answer: History shows that when you combine a great system with the support of a personal coach, people achieve much better results. 
This is why we created the CBM coaching program, so that we can support you in implementing the program and ensure that you become debt free faster. 

9.What is the cost for the program and the coaching?

Answer:The program sells for $1599.00, CBM buys the program in large orders at a reduced price and in turn gives the program to our clients free of charge. The Coaching program is a 2 year program where we will call you once a month for 24 months and provide support for you to ensure you keep on track. Remember implemented properly, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest. 

10. Why doesn't my bank tell me about this?

Answer: Banks are corporations in business to make as much profit as possible; and so they should for their shareholders. It's your responsibility to look out for your own best interest. In the same way if you ask your bank for a loan they will not tell you about a competing bank offering a lower rate than they can offer you. Most banks will not educate you on how to save tens of thousands in interest payments they could receive from you. 
Having said that, we provide to our clients the Newbrige Mortgage GPS SmartEquityTM Program because we believe that this revolutionary tool will be a benefit to everyone.