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All of us like things easy. Meeting the banks and lenders is a time consuming, frustrating, and a confusing, experience and you still may not get a fair rate .

At CBM we believe the ONLY way to get you the best rate and terms is to take the time to understand your specific needs first. Then we build a mortgage strategy based on YOUR needs not the banks. Next we use our technology to shop over 50 lenders and find you the best rate and terms that match your strategy. The market is changing every day based on supply and demand of funds that the lenders have. So while 1 bank have the best 5 year fixed rate term today another may have a better Variable rate term. And it changes daily. Our program analyses thousands of pieces of information and produces us a list of matching lenders instantly.

But getting you a great rate and terms is just the beginning at CBM. We have researched the market and found the best mortgage software program available to help you pay off your mortgage in up to 1/2 the time saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and helping you become mortgage free faster, because the best mortgage is no mortgage. Insert a link to the smart equity page here) We even went 1 step further then giving you a free copy of this $1599 program, we have a trained “mortgage Coach" that will guide and motivate you monthly to ensure you achieve your goals. History has shown that those that use a personal coach (such as a fitness coach) achieve greater success then those that do it on their own. And we want you to succeed.

While you are saving money and paying off your mortgage we are providing even more innovated strategies to save you even more money. Savings on Home, auto and life insurance, higher returns on your GICs, video money tips and more. Our client care program will monitor your mortgage and if market conditions change and we can switch your mortgage and save you money we will contact you…now there's a service your bank will never offer you.

We are in the money saving business and we look forward to earning your business and keeping it for life. Our business grows from personal referrals from happy clients like you. Take a look at what our clients are saying about CBM

The Old Model

The old model of a one-person mortgage broker had flaws:
- The 1-person broker had to master 3 completely different skill sets.
- They had to master the skills of running and improving their business.
- They had to master the skills of analyzing clients’ needs, building mortgages strategies and using best practices to shop for the best rates and terms with many different lenders.
- They had to master the skills of helping the clients go through the document collection phase and the closing phase. closing phase.
Each of these three skill sets take an enormous amount of time and training to master. Most brokers could only afford the time to learn enough of the basics to get them through the process. They never became masters at each of them.

Mortgage Services Built Around Your Goals

The solution to these 3 issues was to build a team model where we could:

Adapt a team model that allows CBM to reduce the learning curve of all 3 skill sets down to 1 skill set per team member. This allows each team member to focus on just 1 skill set and MASTER it. Like a doctor specializing in just 1 part of medicine. This allows the team to deliver the highest quality of service to the client.

Our team model allows CBM the ability to move tasks and adjust to market conditions so that we can provide a high lever and stable quality of service in an unstable market. Our team model allows CBM to have a backup plan when another team member can't be at work. There is always someone available to answer your questions and make sure your file moves forward through the process on time.

CBM has worked on this model and continually refined it so that we can provide our clients with the best service possible.